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Nevada Spree Killing Leaves Five Dead On Mother’s Day Weekend

Nevada spree killing

Sometimes murders are big, media events…lots of bodies, photo opportunities, a chance for network folks to go “in the field” to cover the tragedy. Other times they are single murders, on the streets of Chicago or Louisville or San Francisco and they don’t even make a blip on the national radar.

Then there is this one…a spree killing with five victims, spread out over four days that made no news anywhere. Today they found and arrested the suspect and the details of the spree is coming to light.

On May 10, the Friday before Mothers Day Robert and Dorothy Pape, both 84 were killed in their home in Fernley, Nevada. They were not found until Monday.

On Monday, May 13, the suspect took the Papes’ truck that he had stolen, along with jewelry and headed to the Mustang Ranch brothel. The truck broke down and as a passerby came up, the suspect killed him as well, stealing his car. 52 year old Eliazar Graham was delivering newspapers when he was gunned down and left on the side of the road.

The suspect then went back to Fernley and killed 69 year old Lester Leiber and his 67 year old friend Angie Duff, less than 100 yards from the first two killings.

The suspect, 25 year old Jeremiah Bean is facing charges of open murder with a deadly weapon, arson, burglary, robbery, ex-felon in possession with a firearm, and grand larceny.

So, five people killed in four days and the national news…nothing. That speaks volumes about the state of gun violence in this country that this story would not scream headlines.


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