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Child Killed Every Other Day By Negligent Gun Owner’s Gun

Child shot Channel 18

The headline on Thursday said “Two year-old child finds gun, shoots himself in the face, is dead.” He was staying at his Rusk, Texas great-grandparents’ home because he had been taken away from his own parents for neglect and abuse. His great-grandparents were given the children by the Texas Child Protective Services so they would be safer. It did not work. His great-grandfather’s inanimate 9mm handgun got in the way.

Cherokee County Sheriff James Campbell says “it was an accident.” Aren’t they all?

An extremely weak, but prevalent argument when discussing victims of gun violence is that they must have been in a gang, it must be drug connected, it is “those people”, but that really is not the case. It is not always criminals who are the participants in these murders – and that is what they are. The family says “we kept the guns locked up and today was no different” – well, yes it was – a two year old managed to break their cunning security plan, managed to get into the “locked bedroom” with an open door and to find the 9mm handgun sitting on the nightstand. These are the responsible gun owners who say again and again that they are not responsible for the gun violence that kills 10,000 and injures 10-20X that each and every year. But they are.

In researching this article I went to the database provided by Slate to see just how many children have been killed this year…and the number is 81 children from age 12 and under from January 1 – May 29, 2013. To put that in perspective, there were 112 “accidental” deaths by firearms from age 18 down in 2012.

If this year’s trend continues, the number of UNDER 12 will out pace last year’s UNDER 18 by 44%.

And that brings me to the point…with all the media attention that began after 20 kids were killed in Sandy Hook Elementary School less than six months ago, with the media highlighting gun violence more than they previously have, with stories of kids being killed by their daddy’s gun on the media every other day – why has the message not been clear? Why have gun owners simply ignored the daily drum beat of examples of poor gun ownership and continued to leave their guns unlocked? Why have gun owners decided by  their actions that they have no need to be responsible, that “they” aren’t the problem.

Put more simply – why have gun owners answered the call to be the responsible gun owners that they say they are with case after case after case of negligent ownership that results in kids being killed at a rate of one every other day. Are these gun owners really that stupid or just so arrogant that they think that they could never, ever have this problem?

So, let’s take a look at the children under 12 years-old who have died this year, died from negligence by the gun owner in the home to properly stow their weapons or died by the hand of a parent to “protect them” from the future.

Children 12 and under killed in 2013 by gun violence

Date Name Gender Age City State
1/4/2013 Jonah Mendoza M 0 Ocala FL
1/4/2013 Kevin Hannah M 10 Tollhouse CA
1/8/2013 William Parris M 12 Pleasant Valley AL
1/9/2013 Jacob Ball M 5 Cambridge OH
1/12/2013 Steven Curtis M 12 Breckenridge MO
1/14/2013 Alexandra Brown F 10 Henry County OH
1/16/2013 Taylor Jade Cornett F 12 Hazard KY
1/19/2013 Angelina Griego F 2 South Valley NM
1/19/2013 Jael Griego F 5 South Valley NM
1/19/2013 Nevaeh Benson F 6 Cleveland OH
1/19/2013 Zephania Griego M 9 South Valley NM
1/21/2013 Travin Varise M 2 Baton Rouge LA
1/21/2013 Maximillian Walters M 5 Boulder City NV
1/22/2013 Trinity Ross F 4 Kansas City MO
1/23/2013 Jamarcus Allen M 4 Akron OH
2/1/2013 Tmorej Smith M 3 Greenville SC
2/2/2013 Mario Zavala M 11 Boynton Beach FL
2/2/2013 Austin Hughes M 11 Erwin TN
2/2/2013 Eduardo Zavala M 12 Boynton Beach FL
2/2/2013 Whitney Hughes F 12 Erwin TN
2/6/2013 Erick Perez M 2 Denver CO
2/6/2013 Nevaeh Morales F 6 Denver CO
2/9/2013 Braydion Scott Matlock M 3 Paducah KY
2/11/2013 Joshua Johnson M 4 Memphis TN
2/11/2013 Devin Aryal M 9 Oakdale MN
2/15/2013 Courie Cox F 12 Bazine KS
2/18/2013 Sebastian Swartz M 9 Decatur OH
2/20/2013 John O’Brien M 3 Garland TX
2/20/2013 Stefan Zuniga M 11 Miami FL
2/24/2013 Jaiden Pratt M 4 Houston TX
2/26/2013 Ashton Perry M 0 Preston CT
2/26/2013 Alton Perry M 2 Preston CT
2/27/2013 Tacari Danielle Briggs F 1 Newport AR
3/2/2013 Michael Richard Leland Easter M 3 Liberty MI
3/6/2013 Sharlea King F 11 Saginaw MI
3/11/2013 Jonylah Watkins F 0 Chicago IL
3/14/2013 Adam Bass M 0 Nashville TN
3/20/2013 Gabrielle Menefee F 3 Jefferson County AL
3/20/2013 Skyler Richardson M 10 Frostproof FL
3/21/2013 Antonio Santiago M 1 Brunswick GA
3/22/2013 Christian Velez M 12 Lake Nona FL
3/23/2013 Nazario Boykins M 2 Birmingham AL
3/23/2013 Michael Ayers M 2 Barree PA
3/24/2013 Christopher Stanlane Jr. M 10 Lumberton NC
3/26/2013 Scarlett Porter F 3 Tallahassee FL
3/28/2013 Joan Plumb F 11 Pinal County AZ
3/30/2013 Rahquell Carr F 4 Miami-Dade FL
3/31/2013 Roderick Paige M 4 Prichard AL
4/5/2013 Ryker Petersen M 0 American Fork UT
4/8/2013 Brandon Holt M 6 Toms River NJ
4/9/2013 Qui’ontrez Moss M 3 Sumter SC
4/12/2013 Gavin Brummett M 7 Salina KS
4/14/2013 Shayla May Shonneker F 9 Oregon City OR
4/15/2013 Dylan Samuel Peters M 1 Brooklyn NY
4/17/2013 Michael Bisbee M 8 Lapwai ID
4/20/2013 Cody R. Hall M 4 Donald OR
4/24/2013 Bradley Ralston M 1 Manchester IL
4/24/2013 Nolan Ralston M 5 Manchester IL
4/25/2013 Dalton Taylor M 10 Marengo OH
4/30/2013 Caroline Starks F 2 Burkesville KY
5/1/2013 Darrien Nez M 3 Yuma AZ
5/7/2013 Jadarrius Speights M 3 Tampa FL
5/7/2013 Shasta Miller F 4 Shingletown CA
5/7/2013 Shelby Miller F 8 Shingletown CA
5/8/2013 Kinsler Allen Davis M 2 Corsicana TX
5/11/2013 Jason Haley M 5 Denton TX
5/12/2013 Jarvan Jackson M 11 Lake City FL
5/13/2013 Brandon Vu M 10 Houston TX
5/14/2013 Sawyer Simpson M 5 Dacusville SC
5/14/2013 Carly Simpson F 7 Dacusville SC
5/17/2013 Gywan Levine, Jr. M 12 Jersey City NJ
5/18/2013 Elvira Campos F 10 Sacramento CA
5/18/2013 Gwyan Elijah Levine M 12 Jersey City NJ
5/19/2013 Gage Wilkinson M 12 Dayton NV
5/21/2013 Marcus White, Jr. M 1 Pittsburgh PA
5/21/2013 Maggie Hollifield F 10 Crozet VA
5/24/2013 Carter Scott M 1 Baltimore MD
5/24/2013 Keshawn Carter Davis M 12 Greenville TX
5/29/2013 Trenton Mathis M 2 Rusk TX
5/29/2013 Asher Lesyshen-Kirlan M 9 Stagecoach CO

Data by Slate and ShootFromTheLeftHip

McAllister is a life long liberal, environmentalist, Eagle Scout, and even gun owner – born in Harlan, Kentucky and has lived in Southern California, New York City and now resides in Lexington, Kentucky as a Systems Analyst.

You can read more of McAllister’s observations and opinions at Shoot From the Left Hip.

3 Year Old Kid Shoots Himself: Isolated Incident # 7,485X∞^13

Guns and kids

The headline read “Tennessee 3-year-old Shoots Self With Handgun Left Out”. The words I said afterward are not printable. If only this was the first then my anger would be due to an isolated incident, far from reality…but it is neither. Pro-gun advocates like to call this an “Isolated Incident”. I believe we are up to Isolated Incident # 7,485X∞^13. It happens too often, children killed or children injured by a gun left out in the open by “responsible” gun owners or guns stored where those same kids can find them.

So I began writing this by going out and getting other examples besides today’s three year old with a new hole in his head. My search was simple…“Child Shot”. I got over 45,000 hits. So I narrowed the search down to children under 10, and again narrowed it down to the last 90 days. I again narrowed it down to ONLY find children who FOUND guns and shot themselves, eliminating 30 kids killed since Sandy Hook at the hand of someone’s anger – Still over 100. Over one hundred children shot and killed or shot and wounded with guns they or their kiddie peers found and used.

Whether we look at the child in Manchester, Tennessee who picked up the 380 pistol that her aunt had “set her .380 handgun down to tend to her son and simply forgot it” or the five year old Bronx child who shot himself with his father’s gun just two weeks ago or the Harrison, Tennessee two year old killed himself with his grandfathers 40 cal handgun.

One of the few absolutes from the pro-gun advocate side of the gun violence conversation is that they demand that we believe that gun owners are responsible people. That it is just “them”, the nebulous of bad people, or crazy people who kill with guns. They further say “Law-abiding gun owners will not accept blame for the acts of violent or deranged criminals.”…Wayne LaPierre at the January 30st Senate hearing on gun violence.

But reality and history prove them wrong. Over 230,000 guns [reported] of “law-abiding gun owners” end up in criminal hands each year because gun owners don’t properly store their weapons. And hundreds of kids die and thousands are wounded each year with daddy’s guns left unattended. These are not responsible “law-abiding gun owners” and they are a big part of the gun violence problem and the pro-gun community acts in their words and deeds as enablers to them.

It is not “them” that are killing kids, not gang members, criminals, mentally ill, sociopaths. It is the “law-abiding gun owners” and they refuse to take responsibility for their actions, hoping against hope that police will say, yet again that it was just a tragic accident.

So we have children’s lives ended by death and injury from gun violence. Pro-gun advocates call it “isolated incidents”, they say “it happens” and they proudly declare “there is a price for freedom” and that they “will not accept blame.”

Those are unacceptable answers, a product of lazy thinking and an intransigent mindset that exhibits callous disregard for human life.

It is well past time that society demands “law-abiding gun owners” man up and accept the responsibility for their firearms. While many do properly stow their weapons, many do not. The pro-gun lobby, the NRA, and GOA do everything in their power to keep that responsibility from resting where it belongs…on ALL gun owners. It is time to demand, by legislation that gun owners be responsible…and harshly punish them when they are not. And when it comes time to assign blame for new legislation imposed on gun owners…they only need look into the mirror and recall THEIR rhetoric which opposes each and every action to stop senseless gun violence.

Wayne LaPierre says “Law-abiding gun owners will not accept blame for the acts of violent or deranged criminals.” Start with accepting the blame for the acts of lazy, irresponsible law-abiding gun owners. You own that.

McAllister is a life long liberal, environmentalist, Eagle Scout, and even gun owner – born in Harlan, Kentucky and has lived in Southern California, New York City and now resided in Lexington, Kentucky as a Systems Analyst.

You can read more of McAllister’s observations and opinions at Shoot From the Left Hip.