Spree Killing In Santa Monica…Four Reported Killed, Shooter Also Dead

Santa Monica shooting

Spree killing…it is the rolling, disorganized cousin of mass murders. It is usually a single shooter who moves from place to place shooting both intended victims and those just in the way as he works through the mission in his head, usually ended when he and a superior law enforcement presence end the spree.

Today it is in Santa Monica and an event that, as we type this spree killing has spread from a home to the streets to a bus to the library at Santa Monica College. Two hours into this spree the shooter, a white, male wearing a ballistic vest and carrying multiple weapons including an AR-15.

The shooter began at what is reported to be his father’s home and killed both his father and brother then setting the house on fire. He continued on the street, carjacking a car after shooting into several of them. From there he left the car, opened fire on a municipal bus and then headed to campus where he was met by SMC and Santa Monica police and was killed in the library.

It is, at this time unknown how many people have died. The count is known to be four but the Santa Monica police chief said “as many as half a dozen” plus the shooter.

In February, just 25 miles southeast of Santa Monica in Orange County another spree killing occurred, killing four and injuring three before the shooter turned the gun on himself.

The week before the Orange County event Chris Dorner, fired LAPD cop committed a spree killing over a week’s time.

On May 26th…less than two weeks ago Marine Esteban J. Smith, 23, stationed at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina carried his murder spree from a hotel outside the camp by killing his wife and ended it in Texas by killing two and wounding five others with an assault rifle before being killed by a Texas State Trooper and a Texas Game Warden.

This article will update as more information becomes available.

UPDATE: From the 8:30pm PDT Santa Monica Police press conference, the number killed now stands at four plus the shooter rather than six plus the shooter.


McAllister is a life long liberal, environmentalist, Eagle Scout, and even gun owner – born in Harlan, Kentucky and has lived in Southern California, New York City and now resides in Lexington, Kentucky as a Systems Analyst.


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