Gun Violence in 2013: The First Six Hours.

The first day of 2013 was just a touch over six hours old but the stories of gun violence through the night let us know loud and clear that the discussion of gun violence won’t go away and that the conversation, and its solutions have to address all of the violence, not just the headline grabbing stories of mass attacks.

In Sacramento TWO were killed and more wounded as gunfire erupted at a New Year’s Eve celebration. A fight broke out in a bar in the Historic District, killing two and injuring three including the shooter and the armed guard who tried to stop him.

In New York City, while a million people were streaming back to their hotels and homes nine people were shot throughout the city by 7:00 AM. The city had just completed a record low number of shootings in 2012…1,372 shootings citywide and a record low number of murders. ONLY 414.

In Chicago which recorded it’s 500th Murder just before Christmas, began the year with ONE dead and 13 wounded in shootings throughout the city.

In Houston a man was gunned down by a crowd who waited outside a bar it which there had been a previous argument. He was killed in the parking lot as he left the bar.

And in Lexington two teens were shot and wounded outside of a club and a bullet narrowly missed an infant as it tore through a family’s mobile home.
A snapshot of gun violence in just five towns, from three of our nation’s largest to two under 500,000 population cities and just seven hours into 2013.

In the past we accepted a certain number of homicides without question…the nature of man. But now, after a record number of high profile mass murders we are watching…and we are asking questions.


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